At their Annual General Meeting in October 2017 the local Group Committee of The Motorcaravanners’ Club issued a challenge to their members to walk The Ulster Way. This was greeted with much greater enthusiasm than expected and it soon became clear that what had started out as a fun challenge, to hopefully raise a little money for the Air Ambulance, was being taken very seriously by the Members.

The organising committee chaired by David Gilmore made good use of the information available on the website and appointed a manager for each of the 26 sections which make up the Ulster Way. Each manager assembled a team of walkers and arranged fund raising through sponsorship.
‘MCC NI chose the Air Ambulance NI for our fundraising Ulster Way Challenge because we motorhomers are regular road users and we never know when we or one of our family could have their life saved by it. ‘ Joe Little, Chairman, MCCNI

During a 17-day period in June the Members together with family and friends walked the entire 625-mile route of the Ulster Way. Over 200 people took part, some walking just a short distance while others walked a complete section. Other members, equipped with their motorhomes, provided support including transport and refreshments.

When the time came to close the fund raising the Committee was amazed that a total of £17,820.00 had been raised. This far exceeded the Club’s expectations and they wish to thank everyone who took part or contributed in any way to making the challenge such a success.

Colleen Milligan from Air Ambulance NI said, ‘We are absolutely overwhelmed at the amount of income raised and donated by the MCCNI. From the very beginning of their fundraising, they have been incredibly organised, resourceful and dedicated to supporting the HEMS service provided by AANI across Northern Ireland. This money will certainly go a long way in helping us continue to keep the air ambulance flying for the whole community in Northern Ireland.’


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