Recycle to help save lives 

Could you host a recycling bank to help Air Ambulance save lives? 

Air Ambulance is looking for organisations to host recycling banks right across Northern Ireland.  If your supermarket, school, petrol station, shop, community organisation or workplace has footfall, hosting a recycling bank is a perfect way for people to support the charity through recycling of clothes, shoes, sheets, curtains, towels and blankets.  

The recycling banks are provided free of charge, fully branded and managed by Cookstown Textile Recyclers , Ireland’s largest textile recycling company of more than 20 years.   

For every kilo weight of product, Air Ambulance will receive 40p; it could be a couple of thousand pounds in a year! 

As well as raising funds for our charity you will be diverting used clothes and textiles from landfill. Decaying textiles emit methane gas, which can be up to ten times more harmful than other greenhouse gases.   


Ready to request for a recycling bank?  

Contact us on 028 92622677 or email 

How it works

  • Air Ambulance secures partner sites across NI to host recycling units.   
  • For every kilo weight of product, Air Ambulance will receive 40p.   
  • CTR have collection vehicles in every part of Northern Ireland every week.  
  • The team generally collect from a bank once per week but if the site is busy, further collections per week can be arranged. 
  • Supermarkets and shops are the best locations that seem to generate the best tonnage and therefore most revenue for the charity.  
  • Collection vehicles are equipped with on-board weighing scales so when the textiles are loaded from the bank onto the collection vehicle, an accurate weight reading from the calibrated scales can be confirmed.  
  • There is no requirement for site staff/personnel to be involved at the point of collection other than collection operatives from CTR, so no time is lost from shop floor etc. 


Unit Measurements 

  • 1.65m wide – 1.25m deep – 2m high