Miles for Missions

This Spring & Summer, we are asking if you can go the distance for Air Ambulance NI! Choose to walk, run, cycle or swim 30 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles or 100 miles in one month, to help raise funds for the next critical mission.

On average, the HEMS team are needed TWICE per day. It’s not only the medical crew who save lives, but the people who support the service.


Starting your mission is simple:

  1. Choose your activity (Walk, Run, Cycle or Swim)
  2. Choose which month to complete your challenge in (May, June, July or August)
  3. Choose the distance you will go (30, 50, 75 or 100 miles)
  4. Let us know by registering today and receive your digital fundraising pack!

Taking part is completely free, we only ask each person to try and raise a minimum of £100. Each day, Air Ambulance NI needs to raise £6,850 to keep the medical team in the air. Whether you complete 1 mile or 3 miles a day, the money you raise will fund the next mission, helping to save lives, brains and limbs.


Sorry this event is now sold out