We are pleased the Livingstone tractor run was a great success in 2020, despite being a virtual one due to Covid restrictions.  The tractor run committee quickly adapted with Covid not permitting the gathering of people and deciding on a Virtual Tractor Run in December 2020 to support the Southern Area Hospice Services, NI Children’s Hospice and Air Ambulance NI.  The event was a great success and raised £143,911.05 for the three charities, with each receiving £47,970.35.

This was the ninth year of this famous tractor run in Armagh, and to date has raised over £600,000 for local charities.  The event has received great support and this year was no different when the event couldn’t take place as usual, supporters eagerly signed up online, sending pictures and videos of their tractors to take part.

The Livingstone Family and committee members along with Ben Sergeant presented the proceeded of £49,970.35 to Jenny and Jim Irwin for the Children’s Hospice, £49,970.35 to Myrtle and Neville Pogue for the Southern Area Hospice and £49,970.35 to Liz and James McCarragher for the Air Ambulance NI.

Tractors, their owners and admirers eagerly signed up online to register and take part in the event during the Christmas holidays.  There was a fantastic display of tractors on the Livingstone Christmas Tractor Run page on Facebook.  A special word of thanks to Ben Sergeant for his continued support and also to Leanne Livingstone and Jacob Irwin who compiled videos and managed the online event – it would not have been possible without their hard work and digital master skills.

The Livingstone Family said: “We realised early on that the event would be different this year, safety was paramount, and we knew we couldn’t do the event in the same way as usual.  We knew the charities were struggling this year due to Covid and we were keen to continue to support the local charities with our Virtual Tractor Run.  We never expected to raise £143,911.05 this year and would like to thank everyone for their support, as it would not have been possible without the public support.”

A DVD of the event is available for those who may want to purchase, priced at £10.  It can be purchased by contacting any of the Livingstone family directly or through the official Facebook page WaLivingstoneSons<https://www.facebook.com/WaLivingstoneSons

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