Dessie and Daphne Coffey have brought together 23 Gospel singers to produce a CD ‘Hymns to lift you Heavenward’. All proceeds of the CD will be donated to Air Ambulance NI to help save lives, brains and limbs.

Contributors include William McCrea, Annita McDonnell, Ballybay Gospel Group, Paul and Sharon Atcheson, Colin and Fred, Nell Hire, Alex Robb, Little John, Mildred Rainey, John Buchanan, Kellie Hanna, Sam Bargewekll, The Kingdom Heirs, Amy Roberts, Daniel Zah, Margaret Johnston, Paul Irwin, The Morrisons, Fred Greenfield, John Boyd, Charlotte Caughey, Martin Moore and Kathryn Mitchell.

Dessie and Daphne thank all the artists whose cooperation made the CD possible and pay particular tribute to Roy Rainey for all the time and effort he gave the production.

The Coffey duo also emphasise their appreciation to all the supporters whose backing and response has been a constant source of encouragement down the years.

For copies of the latest CD please phone: 07977637282 or email:

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