Sky Dive for Air Ambulance NI

If jumping out of an aircraft at over 15,000ft is on your bucket list then here’s your chance to test your nerve with a tandem skydive.  It might sound extreme – and it is – but it’s also exhilarating, confidence-building and a massive achievement! Join us on the legendary North Coast of Northern Ireland, for a tandem skydive 19th May 2023 and 9th September 2023. Freefall at 120mph before the parachute is deployed and gently descend for a soft touchdown in front of friends and family.

We have 10 just spots available and look forward to cheering on our parachute jumpers on the day and handing over your certificate following your jump!  Register now and we will be in touch with your digital fundraising pack, and support you with your fundraising every step of the way.

  • Initial Registration: £99
  • Registration balance:  £250
  • Fundraising Target:  £550


Together, our 15 participants will fund one full day of the air ambulance service.

Important information

  • minimum age is 16,
  • Individuals must have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of under 27.5
  • Individuals with any medical condition must get a medical certificate signed by their own GP prior to the event to enable them to participate.
  • Air Ambulance NI is working in partnership with Skydive Ireland to provide the tandem parachute jumps
  • All registration costs will be sent by Air Ambulance NI to Skydive Ireland
  • The parachute jump will be at Movenis Airfield,117-135 Carrowreagh Road, Coleraine, BT51 5LQ

Please select if you want to participate in our May 2023 or September 2023 event below, and complete the relevant form.

Sky Dive (19th May 2023)
Price: £ 99.00
Sky Dive (September 2023)
Price: £ 99.00